Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peking City Bistro

I just ate here this week, but I've actually been going to the Peking City Bistro on Shelbyville Road for several months now. I had been very disappointed when Sesame had closed a while back because that had been my goto place for both myself and my family for years. We were one of the first customers when it opened so I was bereft for a quality chinese restaurant for months.

Peking City Bistro is sort of hidden on Shelbyville Road across the street from the Middletown Kroger. It's in the corner of a little strip mall. They have done wonders with the space with a modern asian style with nods towards tradition as well. However you are wondering about the food.

My typical order is General Tao's chicken, I try this in most of the chinese restaurants I have been to and Peking City's is by far the best. It is simpler in many ways with just the chicken and sauce with green onions and hot red peppers. They garnish it with crisp just barely braised broccoli florets with a nice light savory sweet sauce. First off the broccoli is fresh (not that there is a garden outback although or anything), but it certainly isn't part of a mix that has been cooked to death under heat lamps.

As far as appetizers go we tend to go for the steamed dumplings. You can get them pan fried, but I recommend getting them steamed (and if you eat in the restaurant they come to the table in lovely wooden steamer). There are 6 in a single order and they are a fairly good size. They really do whet your appetite and you could almost wish to make a meal out of them alone, but that would just be indulgent. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

Besides my favorite chicken order they have the normal gamut of entrees of beef and broccoli, to Hunan chicken (or pork or beef if you like). Entrees come with a choice of fried rice or steamed. If you happen to be there during lunchtime definitely get the special it comes with an egg roll and the egg rolls are quite tasty with a good mix between crunchy and chewy. The only weak point in this reviewer's opinion is on the soups. They tend to be overly salty and seem processed rather than made, however with all the other appetizer choices who needs soup?

Two people could easily eat here for about $30 or slightly less with an appetizer and 2 entrees (unless you're getting all fancy and getting that whole duck dish does anyone ever order that?). This is not cutting edge fusion cooking this is a menu that is fairly common in most Chinese restaurants, but one that is executed very well. (I have heard tell of a separate menu that is in Chinese for the hardcore authentic dining experience, but this may be just a rumor.) This is definitely worth a try if you're out in the east end and you like Chinese food.

As a first review this may be a bit vague tell me more of what you want to know about. I do confess I don't drink so I can't review alcoholic beverages since I don't normally consume them.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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